Concrete company says it’s halting plans to build plant by middle school
Hojun Choi

Royse City Herald Banner
Sep 5, 2018

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Responding to a scathing outcry from residents, the company that had planned to build a concrete factory near Royse City Middle School said late Wednesday that is no longer building a plant at the location.

In front of a group of about 50 residents gathered at the middle school to discuss ways to halt the concrete company’s plans, two representatives from the company, JCK Concrete, announced that they are putting a stop to their project.

Jaime Armendariz, marketing manager for AARC Environmental, made the announcement as a consultant for the Fate-based concrete company.

“In the spirit of being a good neighbor, JCK Concrete has decided to cease its … operation,” Armendariz said.

Briana Aguirre, a Royse City resident who began a Facebook group to protest the permit allowing the concrete plant, said she was glad to hear the company had a change of heart.

In a matter of several days the Facebook group, “No Concrete Plant Near RCMS” had gained almost 2,300 members. The group also started an online petition to make their voices of opposition heard……

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