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TACA (Texas Aggregates & Concrete Association) Conveyor Magazine -Summer 2019 Issue

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“With growth comes the need for additional capacity – and a host of new and very engaged stakeholders who live near and around proposed new facilities. As a result, we saw nearly 40 adverse bills filed specifically targeted at our industry this legislative session.”

“As mentioned earlier, this session marked a nearly fourfold increase in adverse legislation filed focused specifically on our industry. As of this writing, the session had not yet wrapped up, but I can say without a doubt it was the most challenging we’ve ever experienced…so far.”

“While we hope to be successful in preventing misinformed and bad policy from being implemented during this session, we also must realize that we have to be at the table in dialogue. This includes a variety of key stakeholders, from residents and local city and county leadership to state-level leaders as well as regulatory stakeholders.”

TACA Strategic Planning Summary

  “With the tremendous growth we are experiencing in Texas, coupled with the increasing challenges that our members have been facing with more active and engaged stakeholders, there is a true need for planning to ensure that we will have the best chance of improvement and growth in the coming years.”

  1. Advocacy: Significantly strengthen TACA’s public policy influence
  2. Membership: Increase TACA membership with emphasis on under-represented segments
  3. Communications: Develop an initiative to communicate the positive contributions of the industry and counter misinformation
  4. Education: Build on TACA’s educational programming to prepare the next generation of industry leaders

“ While TACA has historically maintained a low-key public relations image, the increasing amount of misinformation being circulated and engagement with stakeholder groups is changing the paradigm, and TACA needs to adapt.”

Industry Promotion & Marketing Committee IN SECTION: CONVEYOR FEATURE

“It has been an exciting start to 2019 for the Industry Promotion & Marketing (IP&M) committee. Most notably, TACA has retained a third-party PR firm, Pure Energy to develop and implement a communications strategy for the association. Their focus is to help TACA create an environment conducive to growth and positive brand reputation by positioning us for continued success. To this end, IP&M suggested four main strategies to focus: Generate Positive Media Coverage, Raise and Enhance Brand Awareness, Promote Thought Leadership, and Third-Party Advocates and Partnerships.

“Our first action item as a committee for the TACA community is the campaign titled “WeRTexas”. This initiative is aimed at showing how TACA members are essential to a well-functioning society by highlighting endorsements and testimonials from TACA members, employees, vendors, landowners and legislators. Additionally, all communication will include a ‘Call to Action’ that encourages audiences to write their legislators expressing industry support”