Royse City residents begin petition to fight TCEQ permit
By Hojun Choi

Sep 5, 2018

PHOTO:Residents met over the weekend for the first time as part of a local effort to push back against a proposed cement factory that has received a permit to begin operating across the street from the Royse City Middle School.

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ROYSE CITY — A cement company in Fate is taking fire from multiple sides after posting a notice announcing that it had on Aug. 20 acquired a permit to operate a concrete factory across the street from Royse City Middle School.

Royse City officials have already put the company, JCK Concrete, under some red tape. Carl Alsabrook, city manager, denied having knowledge of the construction of the concrete batch plant before the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality granted a permit on Aug. 20.

According to the city’s notice of the violation issued Aug. 31, the company did not seek approval of its construction plans with the city.

Alsabrook told the Herald-Banner on Friday that the city is considering legal options to fight the construction of the factory.

“Corrective relief for the community is being explored and further comment will be available as the situation is being prepared for litigation,” Alsabrook said…..

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