Fishery expert cites habitat concerns in Sandy Creek dredging plans
Staff Writer Connie Swinney
June 27, 2018. 

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LLANO COUNTY — Construction company owner Steve Nash believes striking a deal with Collier Materials to dredge a portion of Sandy Creek on his property will prove beneficial and should dispel any concerns by area residents against the proposed operation.

Nash is working with Collier Materials to acquire an air quality permit from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to launch the operation on his land adjacent to Sunrise Beach just off Texas 71 in Llano County.

“It’s a win-win venture for the community particularly Sandy Harbor and Sunrise Beach,” Nash said. “Safety and soundness are considerations in everything we do.”

The long-term plan involves erecting a so-called “vertical impact crusher” for on-site processing of the material extracted from the creek bed and potentially shipped in from other Collier sites…..

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