Abbott Gets EPA to Delay Answer On San Antonio’s Air Quality
Brendan Gibbons  photo: Bonnie Arbittier
Rivard Report
January 24, 2018

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What we find most interesting is what’s between the lines. In addition to a scientifically flawed AACOG Ozone study, the Chairman of that organization just so happens to be an industry representative. Chris Schuchart, Medina Co judge was Vulcan Materials’ corporate Attourney before running then helped “pave the way” for Vulcan’s long desired eminent domain plans for a quarry railroad. The AACOG also abruptly dismantled its air quality committee last month to allow Schuchart & Diane Rath (another industry friend) to make air quality decisions for the region. Since Vulcan is the largest concrete and aggregate company in the area and Rath is involved with TACA (the industry’s powerful lobby group) it’s no wonder that Abbott made this “about face” regarding the ozone attainment ruling and found a way to kill it citing economic interests.
Incidentally, Greg Abbot also receives contributions from Vulcan Materials ( Meanwhile, Vulcan Materials (and others) are currently expanding with a gold rush type fervor, into the Texas Hill Country because of the unprecedented growth expected there. Known to anyone with a brain in their head, the TCEQ has become little more than an excellent customer service organization. The deep conflicts of interests in the TCEQ’s funding of an air quality study conducted by an organization run by their customers, paints a clear picture of the reasons for the “flawed” study results. Couple that with Greg Abbott’s recent cuts to the ozone reduction budgets & a lack of air monitors in the region, one could ascertain that the fix is in for the powerful concrete industry who was public about their concerns regarding the pending EPA ruling calling it an “Impending Cement Apocalypse.” It seems clear that there is much more to this story. David Copperfield would be impressed with the elegant use of smoke and mirrors.

Abbott Gets EPA To Delay Answer On San Antonio’s Air Quality

JANUARY 24, 2018

San Antonio will be the last metro area in the country to find out whether it meets federal smog standards after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott asked for more time to lobby against additional air quality regulations.

A coalition of environment and public health groups, and states with Democrat-controlled statehouses sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency after the agency missed its October 2017 deadline to say whether counties across the U.S. have air clean enough to meet a new ozone standard set in 2015.

Local environmentalists and public health advocates say San Antonio needs to improve its air quality to improve public health, citing data showing San Antonio has relatively high child asthma rates…..

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