“We can have environmental justice and positive economic development that generates jobs for communities, but at the same time fosters a cleaner environment. They are not mutually exclusive.” – Damu Smith


How to find and view standard permit applications filed with the TCEQ
TCEQ Air Permit Search Directions  – Permit information is available to the public, but TCEQ doesn’t make it easy! We have created these instructions showing you how to navigate the TCEQ website.



Guide to Air Quality Permitting for Concrete Batch Plants  -The Environmental Clinic at The University of Texas School of Law

70% of Americans think the environment is more important than economic growth
by Ilana Strauss
“People get it, whether they’re in rural Texas or New York City. The problem, then, lies with actually getting governments and businesses to act on what people want.”

Katherine Romans | Executive Director | Hill Country Alliance | June 27, 2018

Texas (TCEQ) fails to penalize 97 percent of illegal air pollution releases
State records from 2011 through 2016 reveal lax enforcement during industrial malfunctions and maintenance – July 7, 2017

TACA: Texas Aggregate & Concrete Association, Texas industry lobby group.

TACA actually PROMOTES the idea of putting operations “IN” neighborhoods and “NEAR” schools. Click HERE to view.

TACA openly brags in their “Top 10 Reasons to Join” that members enjoy “insulation” from environmental law enforcement. Click HERE to view.

Nuisance Law

Texas Supreme Court Addresses Nuisance Law – June 2016
Texas landowners should be aware of the law regarding nuisance.  Nuisance claims arise in a variety of circumstances, but all of them involve landowners.  Whether the suits be over noise from a compressor station or odor from a feed yard, knowing how the law works and how these claims are analyzed is important for Texans.  This opinion ( Crosstex North Texas Pipeline, L.P. v. Gardiner) serves as a type of treatise offering the detailed information necessary to analyze any potential nuisance claim.

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